1. nevver:

    The best place to be is somewhere else

  2. Guggenheim(Bilbao)
    Inazio Ganzarain Etxaniz,

    (Source: arqsa)

  3. kalyepilipinas:

    living the life

    camera: yashica 35 electro gs

    film: lucky 100 bw cross processed on x-omat

    location: sta. cruz, manila

  4. kalyepilipinas:

    reblog if you agree.

    I am a photographer.

    I shoot people. I shoot events and places.

    I document history as it unfolds before me.

    I see things that most of you ignore. I see beauty. As well as the ugly.

    I expose what you re trying to hide. I witnessed socio-politcal crimes.

    I am non-combatant but I am armed with camera.

    Preventing me from shooting is a mere violation of my rights as a tax-paying citizen of the republic.

    I AM AGAINST House Bill 4807.

    no to hb 4807!

  5. kalyepilipinas:

    no credit store

    camera: canon powershot a2500

    location: marikina city

  6. kalyepilipinas:

    the builders

    camera: fujica auto-7date
    film: fujicolor c200
    location: marikina city

  8. kalyepilipinas:

    i can feel the emptiness

    camera: canon powershot a1200

    location: marikina city

  9. filmisgod:

    Bangka by Cheska C.

    Pentax Me Super x Solid Gold 200

  10. all deaths are tragic.

  11. filmisgod:

    good morning manila

    camera: canon eos 100 qd

    film: expired lucky supre color 200

    location: city of manila, philippines

  12. guidopantoni:

    the other face (Shanghai)

  13. kalyepilipinas:

    this is a test for emergency broadcast system

    camera: fujica auto-7 date

    film: fujiccolor c200

    location: manila

    (via putotputa)

  14. filmisgod:

    film: Fujifilm Neopan 400

    camera: Canon AF35M

    home developed using Parodinal

  15. kalyepilipinas:

    fly away

    camera: canon powershot A1200

    location: marikina city